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Apply To Swanston

How To Apply

The Application form along with Pre-training Review form assists Swanston Institute staff and yourself to determine whether this course is the most suitable for you and to identify any support needs you may have once you commence your studies and to help you succeed in your chosen course.

The review also helps to identify skills recognition and credit transfers when applying for a vocational education course. This assists to determine your competencies, including your literacy and numeracy skills prior to you commencing the training.

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The Application Process


Prepare, complete and sign the application form

Keep your information accessible, you’ll need to complete. Read all instructions and questions carefully before you complete. Ensure to sign your application form before you send 


Apply with academic documents via email

Ensure to attach your academics, keep your message short. Check your attachments’ names.  Consider converting attachments to PDF and email to  


Review of incomplete documents

Upon receipt, the admission team will contact you or your agents to fulfil any incomplete documents. Respond timely to avoid further delays. Contact agent or admissions team directly to resolve quickly.


Receive a Letter of Offer

Our admissions team will issue a letter of offer detailing . Course start date – end date; fee and duration. Location and timing and other obligations.


Review, sign Letter of offer and pay

Review thoroughly for errors and/or incorrect information. Check course details and conditions of offer letter. Read policies and procedures before signing and payment. 



Confirmation of Enrolment

Upon payment acceptance a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is issued. Review your details thoroughly and notify any errors immediately to the admission team. Keep your CoE confidentially and safely accessible.

Things To Know First

Enrolment Process

 Stage 1: Pre-Training Review

  1.  Complete Application & Pre-Training Review form.
  2.  Assess suitability.
  3.  Course Information/question and answer.
  4. Confirm the marketing information provided.
  5. Discussion regarding tuition and other fees
  6. Determine if to proceed further and to conduct enrolment & Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) evaluation

Stage 2: Enrolment

  1. Present or complete the Enrolment Application Form.
  2. Letter of offer signed.
  3. Confirm offer and arrange payment.
  4.  Attend the orientation session (compulsory).

Stage 3: Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Evaluation

  1. Complete Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test
  2. Determine if LLN outcome is satisfactory to commence the desired course
  3. Determine other support needs

Stage 4: Commencement of training

  1. Timetable to the student
  2. Commence training and assessment.

When To Apply?

Intake Orientation Last date to apply*
09 Jan 2023 09 Jan 2023 18 Jan 2023
30 Jan 2023 16 Jan 2023 01 Feb 2023
20 Feb 2023 30 Jan 2023 15 Feb 2023

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents must be submitted online via email to or can be mailed or submitted at campus reception:

Level 8,
118 Queen Street
Melbourne 3000